Shanik’s Salad Spinner: Manual Lettuce Dryer, Fruits and Vegetables Dryer, Drain Lettuce and Vegetables. Large Bowl, Stop Button and Storage Lid Included.


Efficient Design, Less Washing, and Space Saving

Now you have an all-in-one product for your salad! No more separate washing, an appliance to spin it and a separate bowl to enjoy your salad because right now you can have our salad spinner that fulfills all those tasks in a couple of minutes! Don’t worry about a thing if you have weakened grip strength because our salad spinner is easy to use – the base comes with a rubber cover band that will allow you to easily hold it in place while in use and the spin works so smooth that you can use it with the palm of your hand!

Spin, Dry and Store, In One Word – MULTIFUNCTIONAL

An all-around kitchen tool for you – dry the washed leafy greens, fruits or vegetables, drain the water and store your vegetables fresh with the storage lid. Ideal for any kitchen, modern and practical design, easy to use by any housewife. Once washed, fruits, vegetables, and other greens can be easily dried by centrifugation. By rotating the handle on the inner cover, the water from your vegetables is collected in the bowl.

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