Collapsible Dish Drainer Rack, Foldable Dish Strainer for Medium and Small Plates, Adjustable Dish Drying Rack.


Foldable Design Dish Drainer

This innovative and unique design is a dish rack and drip mat in one!
Stack and organize your dishes, glasses, and cutlery, while drying at the same time. Advanced and original design that gives you great alternatives on how to stack your plates and your glasses offering at the same time interesting foldable options to fit with your kitchen decor and to save your precious space. You can place only your plates, only your glasses and your cutlery or all at once and despite offering many folding options, it’s easy to wash and maintain.

Efficient Solutions for a Simpler Life

Lift extra hooks placed on the dish rack and you’ll have extra room for your glasses or you can place your larger plates. Your cutlery will find its resting place on a special box equipped with a tiny drainer so the excess water can drip. Excess water from wet dishes, glasses, and utensils will drip directly into the sink through the simple and efficient mobile drain.

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