Expandable Dish Draining Rack – Over the Sink Dish Drainer, Dish Rack In Sink Or On Counter With Utensil Holder.


Expandable Dish Drying Rack

If you’re on a quest to find something smart for your dishes that are both smart and easy to use, you might consider it done. Our expandable over the sink dish drainer is a real all-rounder help for any kitchen. For your cutlery we have a special detachable plastic drainer – you can easily remove it and place it wherever you want no matter if you use the dish draining rack over the sink or on the counter.

Stylish Over the Sink Dish Drainer

Due to its dimensions, it offers sufficient storage space for your dishes and your cutlery and you can use it on the counter or over the sink. Don’t worry about spacing – it’s expandable and fit for different sink sizes because it can reach a maximum length of 20.8 inches from the basic 13 inch. The wire basket is delicately woven and complements other kitchen utensils – Shanik’s dish rack is functional, straightforward and leaves a bright impression.

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