Folding Dish Draining Rack For Small and Medium Plates – Collapsible Dish Drainer With Detachable Mat For Easy Usage, Easy Cleaning and Space Saving.


All in One Dishes and Cutlery Drainer

If your sink looks like a bubble bath filled with forks, spoons, plates, and glasses, you’re almost certainly out of space. Removing a wall or creating a blind-corner cabinet might not be the best available options for you, but you might consider using the space that you already have in a more productive and creative way, at least when it comes about your dishes. We know that all kitchens should be perceived as both creative and spacious, that’s why our collapsible dish draining rack with mat it’s easy to use and you can totally flip it in many creative ways.

Flip It and Use It

You can fold it, you can switch its sides and you can personalize it depending on your needs and plus, it’s saving valuable space in your kitchen. Kitchen cleanliness and dish sanitation are one of the most important things when it comes to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.
That’s why the detachable mat will absorb the excess water and give you the option to easily wash it – just remove the belts and pull it out. Simple as that!

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