Magnetic Cheese and Meat Board


When the wine and cheese board come out, it’s got to have class and style. Shanik has created the ultimate cheese serving platter, complete with everything you need to create the perfect appetizers for any dinner party or meal. Don’t settle for flimsy wooden cheese boards that crack and split with regular use, choose quality, choose Shanik.

luxurious packaging design

The storage bag will keep this beautiful cheese and meat board safe and away from dust and the premium luxurious packaging design will make this piece a perfect gift

Magnetic System

The 3 parts of the cheese board are all double-sided and are all connected through 2 magnets each so you can mix, match and place them exactly how you like and need them. You can add them one after another, attaching them on one side, which will allow you to create a cheese board as long as 31 ½ inches, or you can use them individually

Innovation Design

The first serving tray is divided into 2 even compartments and one bigger on one side where you can add the fruits, nuts, and any other cheese companion.
The second tray has 3 even compartments on one of the sides where you can put your bread, crackers, or the cheese that was already cut.
The third part, which can be used as a cutting board, is smooth, perfectly made to cut the meat, on the side where the elegant juice line is placed

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