Kitchen Sink Caddy


Organizing your kitchen with this soap and sponge holder for the kitchen sink will keep your house looking tidy and your cleaning supplies ready to grab at any time you need them. The sponge drying rack allows for drainage of water in order to make sure you keep bacteria and rust out of your kitchen. From sponges to scrubbing brushes, this unique organizer will help you keep your kitchen clean and fresh-feeling. It’s ideal for storing all of your sink and dish cleaning items. It’s an extendable and convenient helper that is super easy to adjust to fit into sinks of all different sizes – shortened it measures 11.8 inches and extended it measures 17 inches. Just slide the plastic end cap up or down in order to fit your sink and use it to store sponges, brushes, soap and more! It frees up more room in your kitchen so you can keep everything you need within arm’s reach!

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Space for Liquid, Sponge and Brush

Keep all your kitchen necessities organized in one spot so you don’t have to take up extra counter space! Plus the holder allows the sponge and brush to drain so they stay tidy and clean.

Adjustable Length 11.8 Inch to 17 Inch

You’ll have no problem using this premium quality sink organizer in any size sink. Simply adjust it to the necessary length so it can sit properly to hold all of your sink utilities. It’s the best way to easily store all of your kitchen sink accessories without taking up excess space.

Movable Cutlery with Draining Holes

Use the sink organizer to dry your cutlery as well. It’s a very efficient way to dry your cutlery in a clean and bacteria-free space. It works much better than using a plastic container that can develop bacteria.

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