Dish rack set on sponge mat


All in One Dishes and Cutlery Drainer
If your sink looks like a bubble bath filled with forks, spoons, plates, and glasses, you’re almost certainly out of space. Removing a wall or creating a blind-corner cabinet might not be the best available options for you, but you might consider using the space that you already have in a more productive and creative way, at least when it comes about your dishes. We know that all kitchens should be perceived as both creative and spacious, that’s why our collapsible dish draining rack with mat it’s easy to use and you can totally flip it in many creative ways.

Easy to use dish drainer

You can easily fold it and use around the house or wherever you want, even when you’re going on a trip with the van.

Multifunctional dish rack

Space for plates, bowls, dishes, utensils, glasses, cutlery and mugs

Water absorbing and drying mat

Easily absorb excessive water with our detachable mat that will absorb the excessive water and give you the option to easily wash it.

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