Cutting board with drainer


Shanik’s Cutting Board With Drainer
Non-slip with a silicone base, solid and perfect for cutting and curving your groceries. The rectangular plastic cutting board with a special design is useful in any kitchen, turning cooking into a pleasure. With its help, you will have plenty of space for your fruit or vegetables. The silicone base will help you take full control while the left corner loop comes to the rescue when we think about saving space in the kitchen – just hang it and drain the water in the same time! The stylish and unobservable drainer is strategically placed on the top left the rounded corner for an efficient drain process and a stylish design.

Antibacterial chopping board

Keep all your kitchen necessities organized in one spot so you don’t have to take up extra counter space! Plus the holder allows the sponge and brush to drain so they stay tidy and clean.

Non-slip feet cutting board

You’ll have no problem using this premium quality sink organizer in any size sink. Simply adjust it to the necessary length so it can sit properly to hold all of your sink utilities. It’s the best way to easily store all of your kitchen sink accessories without taking up excess space.

Dishwasher safe

Use the sink organizer to dry your cutlery as well. It’s a very efficient way to dry your cutlery in a clean and bacteria-free space. It works much better than using a plastic container that can develop bacteria.

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