Coffee Pour Over


Shanik’s pour over coffee maker provides you with full control over every drop. With the Shanik pour over coffee glass carafe, you are the ultimate barista – enjoy different grinds, water temperatures and the vast array of pouring techniques used to achieve any flavor you could imagine. This minimalistic borosilicate glass coffee maker will leave your friends jealous and your mouth wanting more.

Silicone base to avoid breaking the glass

Coffee tastes best out of glass pots, let’s be honest. But you also want to make sure you don’t risk breaking the glass. This coffee maker comes with a silicone base to protect the glass for when you’re using and setting down the pot.

Cork stopper to keep warm

One of the best parts of brewing a pot of coffee is being able to enjoy warm cups over the morning or afternoon hours. The cork stopper helps you ensure that your pot of coffee stays warm for hours so you can take your time enjoying multiple cups throughout the day.

High-quality glass

It’s important to have a high-quality coffee maker that will last over time. This coffee pot is made of high-quality glass that not only looks pretty but is durable and won’t easily break.

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