Coffee Cold Brew 48oz

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Shanik’s cold brew coffee maker is the perfect answer to making that awesome cup of cold brew coffee in your own home. Why bother with cooling down hot coffee when you can brew your Java with cold water and enjoy the richness and aroma without any bitterness. This pitcher doubles as an iced tea maker so if tea is your preference just add cold water and infuse with any ingredients of your choice! It also makes a wonderful gift for coffee and tea connoisseurs. The narrow base makes it easy to slip into the fridge to store until your next cup.

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Stainless steel filter

This cold brew iced coffee maker is made from the highest quality material. It uses a stainless steel filter in order to make sure that each batch of coffee is brewed perfectly each time and that it is always easy to rinse off and clean.

Silicone base to avoid breaking the pitcher

Making cold brew iced coffee tastes best in a glass coffee maker. To reduce the risk of breakage, this coffee maker has a silicone base that keeps the glass safe when you are moving it and setting it down.

Brush for washing

One of the best ways to ensure a fresh and delicious cup of coffee is to keep your coffee maker squeaky clean! This coffee maker comes with extra long brushes that are specially made for cleaning the inside of the glass to get rid of residue so each cup comes out fresh and delicious.

Silicone on the lid to keep fresh coffee

This 48oz coffee maker is big enough to whip up a pot of coffee that you can enjoy over a few days. It has a silicone lid in order to keep the coffee fresh so you can enjoy a cup, store it in the fridge and ensure that the rest of the coffee or tea will stay fresh for later.

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