Coffee Cold Brew 32oz

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This cold brew coffee maker makes the PERFECT cup of iced coffee that you can enjoy at home or anywhere. Brewing coffee with cold water makes your cup of Joe more delicious than you could imagine! The process lets the aromas out completely but removes the bitterness so you can enjoy a perfectly made beverage. It also doubles as an iced tea maker! You can infuse your favorite teas with any kind of fruit, herb, spice or other ingredient and enjoy a cool, refreshing treat anytime. Plus, it’s no hassle to clean – just use the included extra long brushes to remove all coffee residue from inside so it’s perfectly clean for your next brew.

Stainless steel filter

This cold brew coffee maker is made of high-quality materials and has a stainless steel filter to ensure that it will last for a long time and produce consistently delicious coffee. It’s also easy to rinse and clean.

Silicon base to avoid broke the pitcher

The beautiful glass coffee maker has a silicone base to ensure that it protects the glass while you are using it and setting it down. It helps extend the life of the coffee maker and keeps the glass from breaking.

Brush for washing

One of the most important parts of a delicious cup of coffee is making sure that the coffee maker is clean and fresh without any residue. This coffee maker comes with extra long brushes to make sure that you can get rid of all the coffee residue so it’s extra fresh for your next brew.

Silicone on lid to keep fresh coffee

This coffee maker has silicone on the lid to ensure an airtight seal so that your coffee and tea will be kept fresh as can be. That way you can have one cup and then save the rest for later and be sure that it will taste fresh and delicious.

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