Cheese Board – 3 Steps


Shanik’s 3 steps cheese board has a versatile unique design. It comes with 3 pieces that can be placed based on your needs. It can be easily used as a charcuterie board, cheese board, serving tray, and cutting board. Make it all in one, or use one piece at the time. It is up to you!

luxurious packaging design

The storage bag will keep this beautiful cheese and meat board safe and away from dust and the premium luxurious packaging design will make this piece a perfect gift

Step 1

The first step is divided into 3 parts, where you can add your olives, fruits or nuts

Step 2

The second part is the bread or cracker board

Step 3

The third part, which can be used as a cutting board, is smooth, perfectly made to cut the meat, on the side where the elegant juice line is placed

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