Acacia Wood Tea Box Organizer


The Shanik Charcuterie Board brings elegance and class to the table and lets anyone present their appetizers in a way that would make Michelin star chef jealous. The Acacia wood is a staple in the making of premium kitchen utensils due to its durability and beautiful aesthetics. It is also a clean and non-porous material that does not absorb odors or stains.

Natural Materials

Shanik tea storage is made of natural Acacia wood, which is famous for being a highly durable material that will serve you for ages. It features a smooth surface and velvet fabric inside that is exceptionally pleasant to the touch.

Removable Divider

Thanks to a removable divider inside, this tea organizer is really easy to clean. Just take out all your collection along with a divider, and wipe the velvet with a cloth.

Gather Your Tea Collection in One Place

Shanik Wooden Tea Box was created with the aim to provide the order for your tea collection.

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