Acacia Salad Bowl


Perfect for Serving Salads, Snacks or Fruits - 12 inches Diameters - Made from a Single Piece of Acacia Wood.

Dimensions : 4 x 12 x 12 inches

It is known that the natural Acacia Wood is prized for its density, rich contrasting colors, and natural chatoyancy, and that's why we chose Acacia Wood to build our Salad Bowl.

With its unique and beautiful natural color, grain, and pattern variations, every one of our Acacia Wood Salad Bowls is a one-of-a-kind piece, meant to be yours.

With a 12 inches diameter opening, it is a large enough bowl to carry anything you might decide to have for lunch or dinner - just fill it with salad or fruits and it will make everything look more delicious!

  • PREMIUM-GRADE ACACIA WOOD: Made from only the finest natural Acacia wood – Prized for its density, rich contrasting colors, and natural chatoyancy.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: Shanik’s salad and fruit bowl, has an elegant and contemporary high-end finish with a 12” inch diameter.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: A quick soap down, rinse and dry is all it takes. Never leave it to soak in water or put it inside the dishwasher. Remember to use mild soap and avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning tools.
  • LUXURIOUS PACKAGING DESIGN - Our salad bowl comes in luxurious and beautiful packaging, making it the perfect gift for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Wedding Days, Thanksgiving or any other occasion.