We know that you love coffee and we also know that your foodie laboratory might need some extra help, that’s why World Of Shanik is aiming to provide you the perfect tools so you can finally say: mission accomplished.

Simply, you #worldofshanik

Our mission is not accomplished just yet and probably it never will be that’s why we are keen to move forward and give everybody a chance to win something, let’s call it a weekly photo shoot or….weekly surprize set..or…Weekly Christmas Eve..or… you name it!

Yes, you heard that right: once a week you can win a World Of Shanik product and become our partner! Our brand is growing each day more and more and we are planning to be your partner in your cooking journey paved with coffee and cool kitchen products.

We’re bringing to the table a full new kitchen collection

And also, don’t forget about our star product Manual Coffee Grinder!

What you have to do?

Step 1: Take a Selfie

Just take a selfie on Instagram with one of our products.

Step 2: Tag your Friends

At least tag two of your best friends on your Selfie photo.

Step 3: Describe World Of Shanik

Describe us how World Of Shanik making your life easier.

Step 4: Put our Hashtag

Alongside your Selfie photo include our precious hashtag #worldofshanik